Adolph Coors IV

Adolph Coors IV is a Colorado native and the great-grandson of Adolph Herman Joseph Coors, who, in 1873, founded the Adolph Coors Company which has grown into one of the largest breweries in the world.

Mr. Coors spent three years in the United States Marine Corps as a cold weather survival training instructor, at the Marine Corps’ Mountain Warfare Training Center, located in northern California.

He graduated from the University of Denver School of Business, and worked two years with the Wall Street firm of Shearson Hammill & Co. as a Commodity Specialist. In addition, for over ten years, Mr. Coors worked for the Adolph Coors Company in various departments, including Administration, Sales, Marketing, Quality Control, Brewing, R&D, and Financial Planning.

He left his family brewing business in 1979 in order to become the investment advisor for his immediate family. He later founded the national marketing company of ADCO Enterprises.

Mr. Coors has served on the Board of Directors for Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship Ministry. He currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Family Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, and he has been on the Board of Kanakuk Kamps, Christian camps for boys and girls, located in Branson, Missouri.

As an experienced public speaker, he continues to express the truth of God’s word, the strength of forgiveness, and provides insight for successful living, as he shares his fascinating story, a story that challenges every listener to discover the real meaning and purpose for life.

Mr. Coors has been married to B.J. for over thirty-five years. They make their home in Colorado, and have two grown sons.

In the story of his life experiences, you will hear how Mr. Coors has learned to rely on his relationship with Jesus Christ for strength and direction.

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